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Balance Through Movement Method™ Transition Coaching

Best suited for those who are...

  • looking to connect to their body, breath, and emotions
  • struggling with not riding or their identity as an equestrian
  • feeling stuck
  • ready to work on themselves, rather than just their horse

I am a registered 500-hour Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, and Personal Trainer. I am also a certified Life Coach and Girl's Self-Esteem Coach™, a Lazaris Nerve Release Technique™ certified equine practitioner, and am studying to become an NLP practitioner.


Growing up in a traditional equestrian environment of weekly riding lessons, Pony Club, and summers spent at local hunter/jumper competitions, my experience as a horse owner was flipped on its head when my mare Sota came into my life in April 2018. As my then four-year-old mare slowly deteriorated mentally and physically, I felt powerless not knowing how to help. I spent four years struggling to find answers from a slew of professionals. While my young horse became increasingly aggressive and sore, I dealt with feelings of guilt, shame, helplessness, loneliness, and anxiety. I lost confidence in my abilities, lost trust in my intuition, and looked to others for answers.

After discovering the Balance Through Movement Method™ (BTMM) in February 2022, Sota and I started a whole new journey together. Today, Sota and I have an undeniable bond… but it didn’t come without a lot of inner work on my end.

My journey involved connecting with my body, breath, and inner thoughts. It required me to reflect on my identity as an equestrian, the role that my ego played in my emotions, and to understand my worth and my horse’s worth - regardless of whether or not riding was involved.


My intention is to help other horse owners and equestrians through their journey, and Celeste Lazaris (the founder of BTMM) and I thought this would be a great addition to the Balance Through Movement Method community (and the horse community as a whole).

My BTMM™ Transition Coaching sessions can involve a blend of no-judgment discussion, breathwork, journaling prompts, and somatic movement to release stuck energy. They can be done with your horse or without (ideally in a safe space where you can feel comfortable releasing emotion and moving as needed).


I am available for distance sessions, clinics, and in-person sessions.

The cost is $100 CAD/$75 USD for a 1-hour session. This can also include takeaway items for you to implement after our session, if applicable.

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