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Balance Through Movement Method™ Pillar One Support

What It Is

The Balance Through Movement Method™ is a signature performance development training system, created by Celeste Lazaris, that is designed to help the horse achieve optimum balance and strength through the specific development of the body and more importantly, the mind.

The primary focus is toning the nervous system, developing the body through supporting spinal integrity, and subsequently, protecting the body from nerve compressions.

As an apprentice with Celeste Lazaris, I offer support sessions for Pillar One of the Balance Through Movement Method.

*Please Note: This is exclusively for Pillar One on the ground (static and dynamic). If you're ready to move on to the other Pillars, or ready to try Pillar One while riding, you can book a 1:1 session with the BTMM Instructors.

Best suited for those who are...

  • enrolled in the BTMM Masterclass but struggling to understand the Pillar One concept
  • are unsure if their horse is actually in Pillar One or struggling to stay in it
  • want timely feedback to make sure they are practicing Pillar One, while standing or while moving, appropriately for maximum benefit

I offer distance sessions (via Zoom) and in-person sessions to support you and your horse in understanding and easing into Pillar One practice.

These are 30-minute sessions, done with your horse, to watch you in your current attempts and give feedback and suggestions. The end goal is to finish the session with an understanding of:

  • your horse's current ability to practice Pillar One

  • how your breath, body, and emotional state affects their ability to participate in Pillar One

  • the true impact of Pillar One, why it's not just a "lower head," and why your horse may struggle to hold it

  • suggestions for practicing Pillar One moving forward and where to go from here

Let’s Help Your Horse

Rate per session: $50 CAD / $37 USD

*If in-person, there may be additional travel fees: Mileage will be charged for barns outside of Colchester County, Nova Scotia. Rate TBD based on your location.

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