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Note: If you use the link on *some of the following resources, I may earn a referral commission. However, I only endorse products and companies that I truly stand behind and use.

The method that started it all for my horses and I, and we've never looked back. Saying that I recommend this is an understatement. Just join. Your horses, and your horsemanship, will thank you.


I use the TBM Pathway membership on a daily basis and have experienced HUGE breakthroughs and mindset shifts through their workshops, daily DIs, and challenges. I can't recommend it enough.

Use code DANIELLE4715 for 15% off the pay-in-full option or payment plan.


My horses eat exclusively Mad Barn products and have never been healthier. They offer a free nutritional analysis to get your horse on the right track - without pushing products.

Save 10% using this link.


If you want to learn from trainers like Ingrid Klimke, Linda Tellington-Jones, Jim Masterson, Karen Rohlf, and more... wehorse is where it's at. Learn from anywhere with the online education platform designed for horse-first equestrians.

Try without commitment for 7 days with the free trial.

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