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In this video sequence, we focus on releasing the hip joint through movement and restoring the mobility and freedom in your hips. Which in turn, will not only be helpful for your riding but also help to release the emotion you have stored in your body.


We’re also going to focus on the psoas muscles, which originate on the front portion of the lumbar vertebrae and attach to the femur and pelvis. Your psoas muscles are the main muscular connection between your torso and lower body. Their major function is to help flex your hip joint by bringing your leg up and toward your torso. They also help strengthen your lower spine, which lends support to your posture. You can understand their importance for not only daily life but also effective riding.


The interesting thing about the psoas is that it’s the primary muscle involved when the sympathetic nervous system (or fight or flight response) is activated. Whenever you experience something shocking, traumatic, or that you (consciously or subconsciously) perceive as a threat, your psoas muscle constricts and 'locks in' the tension in the body. Once the tension energy is contracted into the body it stays there.

The psoas is the first muscular responder when you go into the sympathetic state. It contracts in reaction to danger in preparation to either flee or fight. When the danger passes and you feel safe again, you will go back into the parasympathetic state of relaxation – if you release the tension.


Don’t feel like the trauma response relates to you? The psoas can also become tight when simply stressed or from sitting at a desk all day. Chronic sitting can lead to a shortened psoas muscle which then triggers fear and anxiety. Many of us suffer from anxiety, and yet many of us sit at a computer all day… perhaps there’s a connection. The good news is, when we consciously release and relax our psoas, it sends a powerful signal to our nervous system that we are safe, free from danger, and we can relax.


What you get: A 34-minute lower body movement sequence focused on the hips & psoas. It's designed to release the stored emotions that are generally stored in that area of the body, as well as help reduce anxiety and get out of chronic flight-or-fight patterns.


Lower Body: Releasing Emotions - 34 min. sequence

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