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Being aware of your body and breath is the key to regulating your nervous system, shifting from fight-flight-freeze modes to calm, aware, and grounded, and becoming a more competent horse person.


How can this video sequence help your horse?

You are your horse’s safe space. The goal is that when your horse is with you, they feel safe and calm, and things are clear. But, if you are always in a fight or flight response, you don’t feel safe with them. It’s tense, it’s unpredictable, it’s detached. If you are always in a freeze response, you also don’t feel safe to them, but in a less life-or-death kind of way. This could look like being unclear, which causes confusion, which causes frustration, which causes what people see as behavioral issues; the horses make their own decisions because they can’t rely on yours.


What you get: A 20-minute full body movement sequence to practice body & breath awareness whenever & wherever you'd like.


*To learn ways to be more in touch with your awareness, to regulate yourself, effectively breathe, release fight or flight responses to move on and stay grounded in your body, check out the full program, "Turn Yourself Loose: Somatic Movement for Equestrians"


Body & Breath Awareness - 20 min. sequence

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