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Come back
to Yourself

Embodied transformation for women and horses.


My name is Danielle Crowell

I'm a 500-hr Yoga Teacher, certified Life Coach with a focus on Girl's Self-Esteem, studying to become a certified Mind-Body Coach, and I am also so much more...

Work with Me

I am a certified Lazaris Nerve Release Technique™ Practitioner, helping horses release nerve compressions, feel better in their bodies, and create space - physically, emotionally, and energetically.

Transition Coaching

Helping horse owners through their journey of unlearning what they thought they knew about riding & horsemanship, and navigating the inner work required to come out stronger on the other side.

BTMM™ Pillar One Support

Supporting you and your horse in understanding and easing into the Balance Through Movement Method's Pillar One practice. Includes feedback & guidance for your horse, and for you.

Coming Soon

Mind-Body Coaching, in-person workshops, live group programs, self-study online programs, etc.

Not horse-specific, all women welcome! Click here for details.

Kaitlin K.

Huge thanks to Danielle for coming up to treat my Kiger mare, Tortola, today. Tortola had been suffering from some low back pain that we couldnt quite figure out. After her treatment with Danielle, there was a noticeable relaxation through her body and her back pain was gone. I now have my homework set out with a rehab plan to help slowly build her muscle strength back up properly after she was off for 2 years having her foal.
We are very fortunate to have someone with these skills and knowledge in the Maritimes; I would recommend checking out her work.

Proudly featured in

Riding Through It

Riding Through It is a collection of stories written by equestrian women who have shown up openly and honestly. We describe ourselves as “horse people” and sometimes we describe ourselves as crazy too. Perhaps that goes hand in hand with deciding to love something so deeply. That love has the potential to make or break us— depending on how open we are to learning the lessons horses teach us.

In this book, you will read stories of loss, heartbreak, grief, fear, pain, and rock bottom, but because of horses, you will also see them transform into stories of hope, resilience, love, awareness, self-acceptance, confidence, compassion, and awakenings.


The Equestrian Connection Podcast

Listen In

I am the host of The Equestrian Connection podcast by wehorse where every two weeks, I sit down with trainers, industry experts, and horse people from all over the world to talk about everything related to horses and the equine industry so we can learn and do better as horse-first equestrians.

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