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In order to help our horses, we must also help ourselves. 

Embodied Horsemanship

My desire to combine human and equine methodologies came from my own struggles with my horses and the need to connect with my own mind and body before I could expect my horses to connect with theirs. This is why I am proud to be able to offer a combination of human and equine services to help build a thriving partnership.

Danielle Crowell shoulder Lazaris Nerve Release with brown mare Sota.jpg

Nerve Compression Release and Nervous System Regulation

I am proudly a certified Lazaris Nerve Release Technique™ Practitioner (July 2023). LNRT is a proprietary training centred around releasing nerve compressions within the horse with a specific focus on the brachial plexus (neck & shoulders) and lumbosacral plexus (psoas & pelvis).

I offer Nerve Release sessions, as well as nervous system regulation techniques, including BTMM™ Pillar One. In some cases, I also recommend that we incorporate techniques for the horse owner as well, to help ground energy together.

Sessions for horse-human nervous system regulation and movement techniques can be booked in person or via Zoom. Nerve release sessions must be done in person, within the Maritime region of Canada unless otherwise specified.

You can request more information and book your session here.

Group Events and Clinics

I offer group events & clinics for horses and humans. There are three options to choose from:

  1. Combine nerve release (which is me doing the releases on the horses, not teaching how to do it) with nervous system regulation techniques for the horses, and movement and nervous system regulation for the humans.

  2. Teaching nervous system regulation and movement techniques for horses and their humans.

  3. Human-only clinic that focuses on nervous system regulation, movement, mindfulness, and more to bring our best selves to our horses.

To inquire for more details or arrange an event, you can contact me here.

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